Sunday, 30 September 2012

Stash Fine Yarns and Chester

Hello All,

It has been a while since my last blog :(     As it is the last day of September I though I would put a little post in ;p
In the summer I went to Woolfest it was a blast, I had great company and money to spend, could not have asked for more I met some of my ravelry friend's that was good.
This is a picture of me and my haul

So now onto the present month :)  I went to Chester with my friend Amanda, we went to Stash Fine Yarns to the Louisa Harding Trunk Show, we met Louisa Harding which was fab, we also met a lot of lovely people there too :)  I bought the new books which louisa signed yay, I got some yarn,  a new bag and a pair of boot's not from Stash from Raw in the City Centre.
Here is my haul from my trip :)
 Now the one with Amanda and Louisa and Me left to right :)

And now some of Chester :)