Tuesday, 23 December 2008

its almost christmas

Hi Peep's well 2 day's to go who would belive it we just had elle's B'day on sunday she got a lovely new collar from america from knitsomniack she also got a new wellie boot now a destroyed wellie
see pic and a new ball well see pic too

and on the knitting front mum has started a new baby shawl for her great grandchild due in april my nephew's girlfriend so I will be a great aunt lol well i am already to my niece anyway lol and I am knitting on a few project's at present but again started a new one mum gave me some Ryc baby alpaca classic yarn she bought this to knit me something oh away last year but has never got round to it so I get it to knit for me so I have decided to use a pattern for the shape but put my own mark on it so this is the start of it

Well peep's thats it from me till the newyear as it is xmas you know everyone is busy busy busy so to all happy holiday's all my love Helen untill 09 happy knitting

Monday, 15 December 2008

Moving mum in

Hi there blogger's been busy moving my mum in and baking for her so I have been very tiered over the past couple of day's it seem's to have been very long indeed but we done it me and hubby so betwen that and work have not done much knitting or as you can see blogging. Have not seen my BP knitsomniack either as she is busy getting ready for the family to come over so here are a couple of pic's now the pc is back. And look Elle is a traitor she has
became mum's we pet aww.

And now she is observing me to make sure I put all in order for the SFS kit and here is a better pic of my lovely kit then comes fatcat
although he is a white cat he came in
from out side and musthave been under a car as he is now like a zebra
black and white stripes lol then comes the spiced fruit loaf it is lovely
all christmasy yummmmm and last but not least it is the christmas tree and to get the tree in I had to sacrafice my knitting corner poor me
but it is only for christmas so now all

knitting stuff is now in the bedroom so now if I want anything I have to walk back and forwards to get what I need so roll on January to get back to normal and with the tree come's winnie the pooh mum got me it a few year's back for my christmas so now he comes out every christmas he moves and sings elle is not to sure about him he was singing and she was barking at him so now he is turned off well that's all for now peep's as nigella is coming on soon I just love her for anyone who does'nt know who she is she is a cook on tv look her up she is on bbc2 at 8.30 every night this week

bye xxx

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

PC troubles

well folk's having a few pc troubles but thanks to knitsomniack who knidly loaned me her old laptop I can keep in touch. Well the last few day's I have been busy knitting, painting, baking I have been knitting on some christmas project's to make sure I finish them and the painting is for mum's room she is moving in on the weekend and she is looking forwards to coming to live with us so it is all go here and my mare wanted to bake cupcake's so we did after some painting then I decided to make a quiche and we had it for tea it was very tasty as nothing was left so a good sign anyway as my pc is in getting fixed I have no pic's and I am no ernest hemmingway with the old word's will catch you all later thanks peep's

Thursday, 4 December 2008

More baking

Well peep's not done any knitting stuff today yet I am about to sit down and relax with some knitting and crochet. Now the baking is done I did promise knitsomniack some cookies for her birthday so after I left her today I got straight to baking and made the cookies So here is today's baking and the cookies are at the front. Well I took them down to her with her b'day pressie's and as I left she was already eating them another satisfied customer lol I am going to relax now as I am shattered 6am rise then work the baking where does the time go.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

What to say today?

Well folk's having a few pc trouble's what a pain in the shirt it is. Well the other day I was in the local jewellers and asked them if they also make item's and they do to my glee. My wedding ring does not fit now aw, as I have put on wieght but not to worry. Mr ward is going to make me a new one with the old one and some other pieces of old gold that me stuff to me so my finger will have a wedding band for christmas it does have two ring's just now my engagement and eternity ring's as I was looking at the pic I thought to myself god your hands looks old now when does this happen yesterday my skin was so taught now it is not aw. As for the knitting I have started another new project what am I like I deffo have startitis I treated myself to a new sock book no3 now all new. so of course I did have to make a start on new socks as if I don't have enough sock's on the needle's see pic's well in the book it say's oh what a tangled web we weave and that's what happened to me but it came good thank goodness have not done to much as I stopped and went on to the lapghan before bed the socks are for hubby I have still to make his first pair so he thinks he will never get them but he
will he has no faith the man well i am just about done one more thing before I go here is a pic of the cookies for my mate knitsomniack she will get some fresh one's for her birthday on friday so all go wish her Happy Birthday on friday cheer's I won't tell her age you can guess luv ya all xxx.

Monday, 1 December 2008


Well blogger's I have been very busy on my project's and baking also working and of course my lovely crochet lapghan I have started Well I was busy baking mum's fav scone bread and I made a madira cake it was nice no pic's of them this time. Today I am making chicken soup and I tried a brack tea bread from the 40th edition be-ro book it is still cooling so don't know how it tastes but it looks so yummy. Well on to the knitting and it is sock's, sock's and yet more sock's they are not all for me my one is my first toe
up sock it is wendy's generic sock pattern I think is looking real
nice. The next is my forth one of these mare really likes these
and hubby's sock this was nearly finished but it was like it belonged to big foot so it had to come out second time lucky

and last of all I am watching my most fave of detectives miss marple i have seen this episode well numerous times nemesis well must get back to it will be making cookies later see ya all bye

Thursday, 27 November 2008

More sock's

Hi peep's it is early for me to be on but was waiting to here back from sock's for soldiers moderator to see if I was excepted to join the loads of member's who knit sock's for soldier's and I am so pleased to say I have hooray I found out about it from a blog I read footheel sock knitter
so after reading about it I went a looking and now all I am waiting for is the sock kit from the group socks for soldiers
For all those that read my blog go on and look for yourself and if you support the troops and can knit go on and see if you can join I am the first person from Scotland to join and I am proud. O yes in the pic it is mare wearing her socks

well that's it for now may have more later you never know

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

At last a pair of sock's

Today I finished the mare's sock's see pic
well now I can move on to another unfinished sock
of which I have at least 4 or 5 started as I have not been out in several day's there is not much to say soz if the sock's are not enough bye xx

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The lapghan & jumper are finally done

Hooray there finally done and the pic's prove it
My hubby is now a happy man he has finally got the jumper
after waiting almost a year and a half to get it lol the lapghan is for
hubby's mum as she is back in hospital and it might just cheer her up hopefully well that's it for now got to get back to my next lapghan this one is crochet pic's will follow as I get it up a bit more see ya later folk's bye x

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Busy Day

Well today was a busy day for me and hubby,we went shopping for my mum then visited his mum she is not to well just now Well she is 83 years young, then on to knitsomniacks to slab yes slab for there new hut to go on she might not be posting today as she is haveing pc troubles we look forward to her return soon.Now that I am home been fed and am nice and cosy going to knit on my lapghan as it is almost finished the pic's today are of my sock stash hope you enjoy see you tomoz peeps.

from china
my mum bought this one

again from china

from china

this is so soft angels and elephants

this again is so soft

I love the colour of this yarn 100% merino

again love the colour

this is beautiful

bye xxx

Friday, 21 November 2008

Thank crunchie it's friday

Hi all bloggers it's friday hooray, wednesday and thursday to take me away from the never ending jumper's I started a crochet sock now that it done not to keen on it, square heel and not to comfortable on the soles of my feet aw so I don't think i will do another one when I am old and grey my wool drawers will be fool of one sock wonder's lol as this is the second crochet sock I have done. A well never mind, last night myself and knitsomniack went to the sith knitting night we stayed one hour for our first visit and we were made most welcome indeed and we surely will be back maybe every two weeks or so something different anyway and we get to chat to other people so that's good I am off work till monday yesssss see ya all soon xx

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Elle' gaurding the yarn Stash

Hi all yesterday i was taking pic's of my sock yarn to put on my blog and wee elle' was getting very jealous so she had to get in on the act lol more yarn later and I might get on with the new project crochet socks it is very appealing to me but as i am quite new to crochet I will let yous be the judge when i get it finished here's hoping well maybe have something of interest tomorrow as tonight knitsomniack and myself are off to the sith(shee) for some knitting and a coffee as it is knitting night there this will be our first visit and we are taking some spare yarn and needles for a lady that is doing good work helping refugees and asylum seekers to knit I found out through ravelry on the sith group my wee mum also donated some of her needles see ya tomoz xx

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

work,visit,knit and blog.

Well folk's up at 6am then to work after that went to visit knitsomniack(bp) then came home to let the animals out for there need's. Then opened the mail and yes a parcel more needle's boye from duppdupp.com a set of straight 10" and a 16" circular nice and colourful I will soon have more needles than yarn lol but I love my knitting needles I will never have to many the more the merrier I say anyway well some pic's of my future work to get done

this is and will be future jumpers and the bear is ruffus wh was bought in Dublin quite a few years ago.

this is some
baby knit's one done and some to do.

this is when i get round to it scarves

this is almost a lapghan

well that's all for today I hope I don't bore you too much luv ya all xx