Thursday, 20 November 2008

Elle' gaurding the yarn Stash

Hi all yesterday i was taking pic's of my sock yarn to put on my blog and wee elle' was getting very jealous so she had to get in on the act lol more yarn later and I might get on with the new project crochet socks it is very appealing to me but as i am quite new to crochet I will let yous be the judge when i get it finished here's hoping well maybe have something of interest tomorrow as tonight knitsomniack and myself are off to the sith(shee) for some knitting and a coffee as it is knitting night there this will be our first visit and we are taking some spare yarn and needles for a lady that is doing good work helping refugees and asylum seekers to knit I found out through ravelry on the sith group my wee mum also donated some of her needles see ya tomoz xx

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  1. ok, tried once to comment...elle is a good guard dog :-) george has been fed and bathed.