Wednesday, 12 November 2008

wild wednesday

reson for wild wednesday is that I have got a wild sore head and again poor elle(our wee dog) needed another bath she was out with pandy(my hubby) and rolled in something smelling wild. So to the bath went she and now she is sweet smelling,she then had her wild half hour drying herself and my yarn nearly ended up as her towel got it in the nick of time.The photo today is of my hat the magic loop knitting photo in earlier blog my daughter is modelling it for me I call her the mare doll, now the top view not on mare's head lol.Well as my head is spliting thats all for now folks


  1. mare doll, super model! it even matches her "clothing"! can't wait for my hat :-) x

  2. Your hat is on the needles and should be with you in a few day's lol happy knitting

  3. Ewwwww Minging i look like a junkie :)