Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Exciting Tuesday

Well folks been a day and a half, the Fatcat woke me at 5.30am needing hi morning constatutionals so no point going back to bed for half an hour eh. My hubby( andy pandy) took me to work as he was off to his and it is a truck 7 and a half ton truck but this morning it was not all go as it had a few warning lights come on, showing no preasure in the tanks all gobbledegook to me.Work was fine even better at finishing time as i am off for 2 day's yeha more knitting time, started a hat and finished it last night see pics it was out of the knit simlpe holiday mag turned out really nice it is for mum again I love my mum as you might be able to tell as most things i knit are for her. I also finished a hat for me it was my first attempt at magic loop knitting now i feel we are old friends.
See pic tomorrow,I was all excited when i arrived home a parcel on the table from ebay it was more sock yarn also more lovely harmony wood circulars and would you believe it one of the needles were broken heart ache and disapointment but i emailed the sender and a new one will be on route to me asap thats all for now all ye bloggers in the cyber world love ya all.


  1. is this the sock yarn we were discussing? and you've sneaked in circs to do more magic loop, sneaky! i just noticed that one of my harmony dpns (from the set of 6 sizes), 2mm, i think, is split at the tip :-0 took me a while to realize why i kept getting caught on the yarn and splitting stitches, not happy as i'm a perfectionist, and actually do need all 6, yes that extra too, sometimes.

  2. no this is blue aran type i think mum gave it to me from aunt B's stash from many moon's ago shame about the dpn xx