Tuesday, 18 November 2008

pigs pigs pigs

Well as the title is pigs and i love pigs here are some pics of my pigs
This is one of my pigs from knitsomniack it is an Iowan pig dosent he look real cute in the collar and cuffs i knit.

this is george I love him he sits in front of the fire

more pigs I do have more but for another day well yesterday was not a good day never got any knitting done was real tired so now for some serious knitting Bye all


  1. oink oink. you've just left and i'm suffering from needle envy...

  2. why needle envy darling? did you give george an apple

  3. darn pretty needles? i've hacked into your blog and added a gadget - we've started a ring! i fed george 2 apples and gave him a mud-pack! guess who...