Sunday, 9 November 2008

slept in sunday

hi folks well it has been an unusual sunday to begin with I slept in and was 45 minutes late for work but it was fine oh and my brother called me that was sort of ok. Mum came for her dinner as is usual on a sunday,and have been knitting some what on my shop project nearly finished pic to follow soon my wee dog elle had a bath that was good she needed it and was crazed for about half an hour till she dried we had a laugh(shame on us) and is now awaiting my husband to come back after he drops mum of he is of to the hospital to visit his mum see pic. as you can see how she is what a shame but thats love. We also have snowball (fatcat)
well this is what elle looks like when not awaiting her dad

yes this is my hand briberry so she would look at the camera she is camera shy lol,well this is our animal family human family another day one more pic as this is a knitting blog mums hat
see ya all tomoz.xx

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  1. aw, wee elle looks so lovely :-) and the hat looks good, too...