Sunday, 16 November 2008

plants,baking & christmas shopping

Hi all who visit I was given into trouble by knitsomniack for not blogging yesterday. Well did not have a lot to say call it a day off lol,Today is a different kettle of fish I have been sorting my plants as i think my hubby was trying to kill them he gave them some kind of plant food a few weeks ago and they have not been right since.One has died (shame) but not to dwell on the past try to save the others so there are pics. And for all those that do not like plants i did some home baking today and yes more pics

These are before and after so you can see i did bake them and not buy them this is the banana tea bread from the book next pic is of mum's scone bread I also made some rich scones and some cheese scones and betty crocker's devil food yum yum yum. I have some pic's of my pigs (not real one's) there for an other day. Went christmas shopping with mum she got a few things and then we came home for dinner and yes the devil's food it was deliciuos now for some tea and scones have a good evening all.

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  1. i hope you didn't eat all the devil's food...mare phoned here and she's hungry :-) as a matter of fact, so am i now!