Thursday, 13 November 2008

Almost a jumper

Well it has been an awful day dark,rainy and a bit damp on the spirit am at sixes and sevens don't know what to get up to, done a bit of blog surffing and ebaying, did not buy anything to close to the bad word christmas. Have been trying to get andy pandy's jumper finished I now feel I am getting there on the last sleeve hooray (see pic) of back front and other sleeve. I have got so many UfO's at present it is shocking I must stop starting new one's and get the others done. Just incase you think I am crazy back and front are together. Well that it for today more tomorrow bet you can't wait.!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. well, I, for one, can't wait :-) like the sweater, earl wants a v-neck, too. btw, going blind and crazy trying to get the ravelry button to work, sigh... hate when i can't get something that seems to be so simple to work...must seek help!

  2. If Earls a good boy he will get one for christmas lol xx