Monday, 10 November 2008

Windy monday

Well all ye bloggers it is a very blustery day. I finished shop project see photo the shop owner was very happy with this set. Also as you will see in next pic myself, knitsomniack and my mother have all been knitting premmies for the hospital we got started due to the save the childrens hat appeal we done a few wee hats for our local babyware and knitting shop, and that then gave us the idea to knit premmie cardigans for our local hospital you can also see some of the other cardis on knitsomniacks blog just click the link

well now the preasures off the shop project is away now too some other items that i have on the needles (quite a few) the choices well thats all for now tomorrow is another day after all!!


  1. i KNOW i posted a comment earlier, i just know i did, but it's not here :-( it has disappeared and is probably with my lost sock idea (and my mind), lol, anyway, totally proud of you, bp, for finishing the loopiness without going mad and for having more words than photos in your post! lol, see, told you that you'd get the hand og this blogging business

  2. Thank you bp, for alway's being there with a nice comment or 2 lol see you soon