Friday, 21 November 2008

Thank crunchie it's friday

Hi all bloggers it's friday hooray, wednesday and thursday to take me away from the never ending jumper's I started a crochet sock now that it done not to keen on it, square heel and not to comfortable on the soles of my feet aw so I don't think i will do another one when I am old and grey my wool drawers will be fool of one sock wonder's lol as this is the second crochet sock I have done. A well never mind, last night myself and knitsomniack went to the sith knitting night we stayed one hour for our first visit and we were made most welcome indeed and we surely will be back maybe every two weeks or so something different anyway and we get to chat to other people so that's good I am off work till monday yesssss see ya all soon xx

1 comment:

  1. you're spot on about the heel, but it looks good from above (2nd to last photo), too bad it isn't comfy, but at least you've tried something new :-)