Monday, 15 December 2008

Moving mum in

Hi there blogger's been busy moving my mum in and baking for her so I have been very tiered over the past couple of day's it seem's to have been very long indeed but we done it me and hubby so betwen that and work have not done much knitting or as you can see blogging. Have not seen my BP knitsomniack either as she is busy getting ready for the family to come over so here are a couple of pic's now the pc is back. And look Elle is a traitor she has
became mum's we pet aww.

And now she is observing me to make sure I put all in order for the SFS kit and here is a better pic of my lovely kit then comes fatcat
although he is a white cat he came in
from out side and musthave been under a car as he is now like a zebra
black and white stripes lol then comes the spiced fruit loaf it is lovely
all christmasy yummmmm and last but not least it is the christmas tree and to get the tree in I had to sacrafice my knitting corner poor me
but it is only for christmas so now all

knitting stuff is now in the bedroom so now if I want anything I have to walk back and forwards to get what I need so roll on January to get back to normal and with the tree come's winnie the pooh mum got me it a few year's back for my christmas so now he comes out every christmas he moves and sings elle is not to sure about him he was singing and she was barking at him so now he is turned off well that's all for now peep's as nigella is coming on soon I just love her for anyone who does'nt know who she is she is a cook on tv look her up she is on bbc2 at 8.30 every night this week

bye xxx


  1. Glad your mom got there safely And you enjoy Christmas together. Maybe she'll tell ya some Irish stories and then you can tell me. smile....I like the Winnie the Pooh bear beside your tree, I've always liked Pooh bear and my daughter if fond of EEYore.
    Is it snowing in Scotland? Not here just lots of rain.

  2. Hi tammy no snow as of yet like you plenty rain we have not had snow at christmas for a lot of years oh I do miss snow on christmas day I do love winnie and my daughter loves tigger mum has already started her story's of when it snowed back when she was young in the 40's and it was that deep she and her sister where walking along the road and just disappeared and where surrounded in a wall of snow it was at least 5foot deep and they had to digg themselves out.memories are just great

  3. i remember a winter like that in iow years ago. the best part was opening the side door to the drive way and being met by a wall of snow we had to dig through and tunnel out. very 'great escape' just without the nazis or steve mcqueen :-)
    anyway, glad you are all settled and really glad you're still baking, lol