Monday, 1 December 2008


Well blogger's I have been very busy on my project's and baking also working and of course my lovely crochet lapghan I have started Well I was busy baking mum's fav scone bread and I made a madira cake it was nice no pic's of them this time. Today I am making chicken soup and I tried a brack tea bread from the 40th edition be-ro book it is still cooling so don't know how it tastes but it looks so yummy. Well on to the knitting and it is sock's, sock's and yet more sock's they are not all for me my one is my first toe
up sock it is wendy's generic sock pattern I think is looking real
nice. The next is my forth one of these mare really likes these
and hubby's sock this was nearly finished but it was like it belonged to big foot so it had to come out second time lucky

and last of all I am watching my most fave of detectives miss marple i have seen this episode well numerous times nemesis well must get back to it will be making cookies later see ya all bye


  1. cookies? did you say cookies? do i see cookies? (no) am i tasting cookies? (no) am i sad? (very) lol

  2. All that bakeing and simmering soup and knitting socks, yummy goodness! The socks look great! I've tried toe up socks too and like them. It's nice to have more than one way to do something. So many techniques w/socks keeps things interesting. My favorite cast on for toe up is Judy's Magic cast on. There's a tutorial on You Tube.

  3. aw there shall be cookie's I promise you will have them soon ok babe lol

  4. Hi tammy I shall have a look but my preference is cuff down maybe because it was the first way I tried i will go on you tube to see thanks Helen.