Thursday, 4 December 2008

More baking

Well peep's not done any knitting stuff today yet I am about to sit down and relax with some knitting and crochet. Now the baking is done I did promise knitsomniack some cookies for her birthday so after I left her today I got straight to baking and made the cookies So here is today's baking and the cookies are at the front. Well I took them down to her with her b'day pressie's and as I left she was already eating them another satisfied customer lol I am going to relax now as I am shattered 6am rise then work the baking where does the time go.


  1. i'm in a cookie/cupcake coma...

  2. I went over and wished a happy birthday to knitso. She had your delicious cookies posted. I also spent the day bakeing,some Amish Cinn. Bread. We had a Crazy Yarn Ladies meeting last night. And it was really CRAZY. We have a couple of "new"members and what conversations out of their mouths. And they are not young, mind you. CRAZY! I learned some things I had never heard before. I lived this long without knowing, wished my brain had not heard, sometimes it's nice to be clueless. smile....

  3. Hi again,
    LOL! It wasn't young people. It was two ladies a little older than I.

    I will write you the directions for the bread a little later. I've got to run out now for a few errands. Have a fun day!

  4. Amish Cinnamon Bread came from the website and just type in: COOKS.COM
    I was going to type it for you but I began with a starter someone else gave me and I don't have the recipe for the starter. Look on this site and you will probably find the starter rec. also. I stirred mine for the first 5 days and on the day 6. had to add or "feed" it w/ 1 cup sugar, 1 cup flour, 1 cup milk and then stirr or the receit says to mush bag but I had mine in a plastic bowl w/ cover. Any questions if you can not locate on their website, I'll try to help more. Also when stirring use either a wooden spoon or plastic.