Wednesday, 3 December 2008

What to say today?

Well folk's having a few pc trouble's what a pain in the shirt it is. Well the other day I was in the local jewellers and asked them if they also make item's and they do to my glee. My wedding ring does not fit now aw, as I have put on wieght but not to worry. Mr ward is going to make me a new one with the old one and some other pieces of old gold that me stuff to me so my finger will have a wedding band for christmas it does have two ring's just now my engagement and eternity ring's as I was looking at the pic I thought to myself god your hands looks old now when does this happen yesterday my skin was so taught now it is not aw. As for the knitting I have started another new project what am I like I deffo have startitis I treated myself to a new sock book no3 now all new. so of course I did have to make a start on new socks as if I don't have enough sock's on the needle's see pic's well in the book it say's oh what a tangled web we weave and that's what happened to me but it came good thank goodness have not done to much as I stopped and went on to the lapghan before bed the socks are for hubby I have still to make his first pair so he thinks he will never get them but he
will he has no faith the man well i am just about done one more thing before I go here is a pic of the cookies for my mate knitsomniack she will get some fresh one's for her birthday on friday so all go wish her Happy Birthday on friday cheer's I won't tell her age you can guess luv ya all xxx.

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