Tuesday, 24 March 2009

what I've been up to/mother's day

Hello peep's well what Have I been up to, well yes more baking and knitting of course the other pic's are of my brother and his wife, who just popped over from Northern Ireland to see our mother, on mother's day awwwww it was lovely to see him, me I have not actually seen him for about 2 year's. I have also 2 cheesecakes in the fridge one for me and the other for my bff knitsomniack as I have been promising her one for a while now and she is a bit laid up after her collision with a car !!!!!!!

The sock is one of my baudelaire's done in Wendy Happy colour is Virgo, I like to call it Strawberry Shortcake lol.

The purple thing will be a cowl it is rib on rib cowl done in Debbie Bliss Soho.

The Pie is Apple and Pear have not tried it yet I shall be shortly yum yum.

The cupcakes are a new find for me I shall try and link them later on sorry the pie is shouting on me and the biscuit's are the rest of the pastry from the pie they have been tried and they are a sucess whoooo hooo see ya all L8tr peep's :~)

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