Saturday, 1 August 2009

K1 and knitting goddess

I know it's been a while, well here is something super special. After work this morning myself of course and the lovely T. Knitsomniack went to K1 Yarns in glasgow for the Knitting Goddess trunk show, I really needed a blank cheque to buy up all the lovely yummy, Yarn's oh so many to choose from. I did get a couple well two sock and a laceweight, While we were in the area we went to a couple of wee shop's and I got a lovely bookmark as I am back at my reading. I also got my Basket oh the lovely basket from this quaint we shop called Ae Fond Kiss how sweet, I love my new basket.

Back to the trunkshow, eell we met the lovely knitting goddess Joy, it was so nice to meet her and put a person to the post's we took some ckae and that went down a treat phew!!!. We also met a few ladies there from the world of ravelry and again so nice to put faces to the post's.


  1. good to hear from u, holding teddy in one hand.
    love your basket! looks like u had a great time!


  2. I love the yarns displayed in the metal buckets.

  3. Sounds like a fun shopping trip. Love your new basket (I love baskets, too) and all the yarn!