Friday, 6 February 2009

baking mad

well peep's I have had no time for knittting this week as have beeb rav-ing and baking for mum's birthday plus working you know so any way after work tomorrow i must get down to some serious knittting as Have goined a new group M V B P . It is called Making cookies.
It is a very cool group of people so all who have not been on rav please go join it take a few day's but well worth the wait so many cool people and pattern's free one's too it is a must for all there is a group for just about everyone crochet too baking and knitting together don't take my word for it go look I am haveing so much fun and meeting new peep's all the time and tonight we are haveing home made cheesecake yum yum yum see ya all later when I am so fat and full of the cheesecake

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  1. cheeeeeeeeeeeeeesecake, yum!!!! btw, I'm typing this at 7:19 and you know that's NOT pm, lol,