Friday, 13 February 2009


Hi peep's well the birthday gift's are still not all photographed as of yet. these pic's are of some yummy cake's the one with part missing is mum's b'day cake chocolate swirl cake and we also had to take a nice pic of the flower's my nephew gave her the one's with the stargazer lilly,the cake with the chocolate chip's on top was my b'day cake it was coffee sponge and chocolate butter icing my it was delicious even if I do say so myself lol. The next cake is of my very first cheesecake it was superb and I am going to make it again and again lets just say I will make this lot's of time in the future there is two pic's of the cheesecake one of it before it is set you can see my thumb there lol I really must get some lesson's in photography lol, then the finished cake my I am so proud of this pic as it did not last long and my mare(daughter) said it was the best cheesecake she ever had (is that not nice of her she must want something lol) the Roses are from my lovely hubby he left them in my bff 'knitsomniacks house as a surprise aww it was na very nice surprise. The pic of the snow is from my back window and it is so cool I have'nt seen snow like that for almost 20 year's god I am getting old well hopefully I will have some nice pic's of my gift's on soon and maybe even some knitting stuff you never now bye xx


  1. Happy Birthday to you!! I hope you have/had a wonderful day!