Tuesday, 20 January 2009

All my projects

Well the first pic is of my precious Jordanna paige
knitting bag my wee hubby got me for xmas and the next two pic's are of my ongoing projects I have 2 aran's 10 cardigans/jumpers 4 baby item's 3 shawls 2 bag's 1 scarf 1 lapghan 5 pair of socks two of which are two at a time from the book
so that is 28 all together only 4 are crochet all the rest are of course knitting so I must get on as they wont get themselves done.


  1. like the new look, where'd fiberarts blog ring come from?, not only did you change the blog, you've rearranged your bedroom haven't you? stop baking get knitting (and crocheting) :-)

  2. ok I will cant remember where I saw it but just joined it I liked the button see ya later

  3. Love the new blog look. And look at all those projects, you go girl!.....

    What a nice Christmas present from your hubby, very stylish! Sounds like you've been very busy!, happy knitting!

  4. thanks tammy well i must admit some have been on the needles for a while so I musst get a move on nice to here from you