Sunday, 25 January 2009

it burn's day

sorry no haggis for me mum and hubby are haveing some haggis neep's and tattie's as is tradition on the 25th of jan. I started a beret two day's ago I know I said Iwouldn't but it turned out great I think so anyway it is for my MVBF (my very best friend) it is from The purl bee
look in decembers blog she done her's in koigu
mine is lot02 #019 dont know yarn from the instore it is 100% acrylic but the colour's are great together and knitsomniack just love's the colour's too next pic is of the crochet shawl I am doing for the mother in law hopefully I will finish this in the next day or two this pattern is from
lionbrand it is the ccc shawl well for all scot's and
all poetry lover's happy burn's day xxx


  1. writing in code, it's 9pm, do you know where your family is? i do
    also, nice beret

  2. I luv the beret, the colors are lovely! Happy day!

  3. like your 'blessings', have you given up on comments...