Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Maredoll's Birthday

It is maredoll's b'day she is 17 and she wanted a chocolate cake made by her mum, I feel so loved she alway's enjoy's my cake's she wanted her provisional driving licence for her birthday so that's what she got plus a couple of beret's so the pic's show the cake and her beret's the raspberry one is from an issue of let's knitit is called renee and the pink one is called Helen's beret
which I found on Ravelry there are so many to choose I am also doing another beret called slouchy spring time and again it is on Ravelry so go on take the plunge and knit a beret for some one you
love soon well I also made for the very first time brownie's and
they turned out quite nice and a loaf of bread it was yummy well peep's that's it for today must get on with my beret.


  1. all lovely. was there french toast too? provisional driving license? surpised...

  2. yes there was french toast why ? did I not tell you that's what she wanted